Almost three weeks of 2013 have passed. At least we all survived the apocalypse that never actually happened big surprise there eh.

Back to school again. And although the Christmas holidays were s bit boring at times, they did offer a nice chance to… Do stuff. Like go skating and dress up for New Year’s and stuff.

Started preparing for the National Session of the European Youth Parliament (henceforth NS and EYP respectively) about a week ago. Still haven’t got the committees, but a bit of research won’t hurt. Besides, after having had our delegation sent to the International Session (IS) in Istanbul last year, I reckon we’re underdogs here…

Had a fan-bloody-tastic substitute in biology and was so sad to see her go after two awesome lessons. Back to the boring reality of 2-hours-of-PowerPoint-yay.

And I finally got my damned crest! Spent time with Linnéa designing it and then finally, after eleven hours, two pizzas, several cups of tea and many, many bad jokes, it’s there; on the wall in the student centre. Score.


Getting yummily close to Christmas

Yummily. Snow started falling at about 7-ish this morning, and continued all day. Got about two inches now, and it’s all powdery and pretty. On the other hand, it led to an accident in town so all the buses were late and I got home an hour later than planned. But whatever; listened to Christmas tunes all day so it was all right.


Worked over the weekend; dreadfully tiring but the cash is rolling in yo (that was embarrassing..). Bloody freezing though; wore winter boots, two pairs of gloves, a large jumper, a winter jacket, a thick scarge and fur hat and I still froze. Like… Come on.


Saturday brought a birthday get-together for Linnéa too; dressing up. Always someone who has this brilliant idea… I was pretty much forced to be Hermione (not that I’m complaining that much…). Was a very fine night indeed.

Oooooh, and I managed to kick NaNoWriMo’s arse and finish on time; not to mention that I debated on the European Youth Parliament and our school’s delegation will go to the national session in February. Damn right.



Also found the first COS in Gothenburg; it is gooooorgeous inside, and I felt like living there forever.

Other than that… School’s kicking my backside like usual, and open house is coming up in school. Should be a pleasant day; spending Saturday in school. Sounds like the ideas pastime.


Work, school, rain, and rather a lot of wind, really. (and also a haywire laptop which makes the sizes of the pictures all wonky)

School is basically in full swing again, a fact I suppose is both comforting and tiring. Forcing yourself back into ruthless studying sessions can be a bit of a groaning-and-procrastinating-fest, I’ll confess.

So I got a job. -pats self on back- Yeah, and the good thing about the whole ordeal is that it was offered to me. I didn’t even ask for it! But on the other hand, I did ask for a job, in the same place, but a different department so to speak. Basically I offered to clean hotel rooms and I am now working breakfast hours in the restaurant. All of this led to my having a job, and a job interview this coming Wednesday. Well. Someone’s awfully desirable cough cough cough. (couch). (cough).

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Anyway, so the whole studying thing is going on as planned, I s’pose. Apart from the fact that my Swedish lit course was cancelled because too few of us chose it, and thus I now take Language and Lit. Which sucks, basically, but whatever. History and English are and will always be my absolute favourite subjects which is why, upon trying to remember which country slept with I mean allied with another (a classmate compared the events leading up to WWI to an episode of Big Brother. I can’t even), I started chewing my pencil.

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History history. So many dates and names and places and treaties and wars and conflicts and. #studying #IB #history #shirt #collar #black #white #sweden (Taken with Instagram)

OH! And it finally got slightly colder, so I could wear large jumpers and thick scarves. And sunglasses because of the scant sunlight. It was like a dream come true (apart from the fact that I was freezing, because of my damn cold and stuff).

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We also realised that, as diligent IB students, we needed to place our beloved little Vietnamese munchkin on a table and plait her hair upside down.

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After having worked (and I have to say; whoooooole new respect for waiters/waitresses; carrying multiple plates and cutlery on one arm is bloody tough work), my little sister (VERY SURPRISINGLY SRSLY) told me she wanted to try sushi, and so I whisked her into town and had some of the aforementioned, Japanese… food.


#ootd #lol #sweden #instadaily #instastyle #fail #pattern (Taken with Instagram)

SHE ATE IT AND LIKED IT. Even though she didn’t warm to the salmon. #sushi #littlesister #sweden @fairydustxoxo (Taken with Instagram)

Aaaaand now I believe it is time for me to resume my History reading.


Seaside and second hand

Spent the past couple of days at Andrea’s grandparents’ summer place (bit of a mouthful there). Out on a small island, with tons of sunshine; had a brilliant time. And, believe it or not, actually got a bit tanned. In Sweden. Fancy that.

The weather continued its positive streak here too; started the day off with the gym, had sushi with a dear friend, was pleasantly surprised by something semi-school-related and then found two great pieces at Beyond Retro, the way-too-mainstream second hand shop. I was rather amazed, since I practically never buy things second hand, to find two things that fit perfectly. And in one go, too. I mean, what are the odds of denim shorts with a high waist fitting you, when there’s only one pair in the shop? Yeah, exactly. Anyway, the shorts were 189;- and the jumpsuit (which I thought was a dress to begin with) was 229;-

(Why did I put this up? Pictures of food is just… Just no. Well, usually. Unless it’s super pretty or something. Then again, sushi is. Gorgeous, and soooooo delicious. Okay rambling over.)


Blackbird singing in the dead of night

Latest Beatles favourite. I don’t even know why.

Back in Sweden after a week in England. Want to go back. Hum. Spent five days with my grandparents and two in London. Olympics-mental, I’m telling you. The tube is completely covered in signs of caution of how busy it’s going to be come August. I honestly can’t understand why anyone would go to London during the games. I can’t imagine anything worse…

Anyway; first day in Southend was goooorgeous! It was 25 (or somesuch) degrees and the sun was out aaaall day. I actually got a bit sun burned (!).

A couple of years ago, they planted palm trees along the seafront. It looks so silly. As if they’re trying to turn it into Miami beach or something. I mean, yeah, it’s rather pretty along the sea/Thames when the weather’s nice, but let’s not overdo it.

Some church (the name of which has escaped me…) near the high street.

While in London, we went to the Primrose Bakery (and had pwetty cupcakes!), the British museum (which, by the way, has the most amazing library) and saw the Royal Barge in St Katherine’s docks. Long and goldy.

Bought some stuff while there, too! How could I not? Shopping in Sweden is probably the most boring thing imaginable (not to mention twice as expensive, for the most part).

The beaded collar was the winning point with this blouse. I died a little inside when I saw it. Miss Selfridge, £20.

Shoooooes! These were brill, ’cause they hardly weigh anything. Can’t remember the name of the shop… £25 in any case.

I’m pretty much obsessed with collars, so I had to have this. Primark, £10.

And then Immi tried to make the Deathly Hallows symbol with straws at the airport.



Gone by now, without much notice from my part. We haven’t really got that tradition in my family. Besides, as is the custom, it’s been chucking it down for the past few days anyway. Not exactly inviting one to sit outside and relish in summer’s warmth (especially not since it’s about 17 degrees on average. Middle of the summer indeed).

At least now school is over for a couple of months. Only a little travel to be expected (i.e. grandparents on both sides). Although I s’pose it’s a bonus that we’ll be spending a couple of nights in London. SHOPPIIIINNGGGG. As much as possible with my half empty bank account.

‘Part from that… Not much. Been a decidedly boring first week off, most likely due to the fact that most friends have inconsiderately departed to various locations on the planet. Suppose I’ll just have to let them.

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#dress #summer #style #topshop #florals #girl #sweden #brunette (Taken with Instagram)

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Svidish national day

Tomorrow. Hurraaah! Or something. No, not really. Don’t actually celebrate it. I did, however, watch some of the jubilee concert last night. Rather entertaining I suppose. Seemed like a nice, friendly atmosphere. Although, I have to say, it would have been enjoyable to see the Queen partake in a mosh pit. Cannot be unseen.

A week and a half until the summer holidays now. Though the prospect is decidedly dulled by the fact that I have another two maths exams to struggle through before I’m free for a couple of months. The sacrifices…

Yes. My life is uneventful, so here are some wonderful pictures instead!

Lil’ sister at wedding



C’est la vie, et, maintenant, elle est très ennuyeuse

Presently, my life comprises mainly of studying. And sleeping too little, although this is more due to the fact that I stay up half the night reading (what?!).

This week just feels like hell; civics assignment due, menacing maths test, English assignments, Swedish test, articles due for the school paper, French exam… On a brighter note,  PE on Thursday and French on Friday are cancelled. Woop! And Thursday brings the excitement of a so-called reunion (despite the fact that it is less than a year since we all parted…).

Here, I present you with some fantastic dreadfully boring and pointless photos.



Just a few points on which I am absolutely fed up

Politics is not usually something I read, talk or even think about, because I find it an absolutely exhausting and pointless topic of conversation. One never gets anywhere and one always ends up disagreeing with everyone and deciding the world had better just close. But there is one thing in this nook of things that I get rather irritated with: feminism.

Feminism doesn’t irritate me. Rather, I find it a pretty important aspect, and I might consider myself a bit of a feminist. It is definitely true that there is discrimination and whatnot against women all over the world. A lot of people seem to think that we have, at this point, reached a perfect state of equality and that everything is just sunshine and daisies from here on. Balderdash. Rubbish. Nonsense. Codswallop. Malarkey. Heaven help me!

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No, see, the thing that really gets me is the general view and opinion of what we call feminism (or at least, what I consider to be feminism). There are so many ignorant bigots who believe feminists are all insane, man-hating women running around screaming for rights.

Let’s look at this objectively. Can we agree that women have been oppressed in the past? Yes. Can we agree women are being oppressed today, in several places? Yes. Can we agree that women are just as human as men? YES.
Look at the suffragettes in the early 20th century, fighting for their right to vote. There’s reality for you.

Of course there are injustices where men are concerned, too, but generally not to the same extent as it is true for women. Any self-respecting woman will want to have her say, want to be able to work, live and love freely, and not be constricted because of her gender. It’s such BS, the way some people carry on.

And then, this isn’t news. Everyone knows this, and though things have got better, it’s not removed entirely. And I don’t think it ever will be. There are some problems that are rooted so deeply that we can’t rid the world of them. I find it thoroughly disgusting.

[Northern sun]



Snow in April

In true Swedish style, there has been snow today. In April. I honestly can’t say I’m surprised. Rather… depressed. And annoyed. I mean for Heaven’s sake, we had winter already. Please, please, please, let us have just a short spring before we go on to our week of summer.

Mum had a bit of lazer surgery done to her eyes yesterday, so now she’s pretty much blind, just in time for her birthday. Grandma just arrived and so we’re all cosy with tea and biscuits and dog.

As it is finally (FINALLY. <– got that?) easter break. I feel like I’ve been dying lately. It’s been cold and everything’s just been so frightfully… annoying. And I mean, apart from the fact that I can stay at home for a bit, it’s my birthday soon. It’s a win-win situation, pretty much.